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Gilbert L. - Florida

Everything was done automatically by ITExamVouchers.com. The ordering and scheduling of my exams were as explained on their website and as prompt and smooth as possible. I am very satisfied with this merchant and I will be purchasing and scheduling future exams through them. Highly recommended to save time and money.

Elaine N. - Missouri

Ive used this company quite a few times for certification vouchers and have been very pleased. ITExamVouchers.com has the best prices on certification vouchers Ive been able to find! The one time I had a problem (not caused by ITExamVouchers.com) and requested customer service, I was treated like a very valued customer and got a quick, professional, and totally satisfactory response from ITExamVouchers.com. I recommend this company to everyone I know who is looking for certification vouchers.

Samantha E. - New Jersey

Thank you very much for your prompt email. I have successfully registered for my exam. Will definitely recommend your site to my fellow students.

Kevin B. - Texas

This was the best offer as a discount exam voucher than was an example of quality service. Would recommend to anyone that takes exams.

Carlos R. - Florida

Searched for Network exam voucher prices all over the internet and ITExamVouchers.com had the best prices and service around; they really came through! Donna J., the account executive was really helpful in coordinating testing dates with me via email and she was very professional. If you're looking for IT exam vouchers at the best price always remember to check prices at ITExamVouchers.com first.

Sunita C. - New York

The service is very prompt and quick. I will recommend this site to my students.

Brandon A. - Aurora, Canada

Double checked the date of my test when I made a typo and typed 3 instead of 30! Thanks so much!

Lawrence E. - Oregon

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful customer service! A+++++ I am recommending your website to all my co-workers at Hewlett Packard! Thank you again for your wonderful and quality service.

Luanne K. - New Mexico

My person does a great job and is very prompt with prompt, profession and friendly service!! She is awesome!

Mike K. - Vancouver, Canada

ITExamVouchers.com has some of the most friendly helpful staff i have had the pleasure to deal with recently. It is great to see a company that takes pride in customer service satisfaction. Highly recommended not to mention affordable for students. Please check them out.

James D. - Mississippi

Very good purchase. I would recommend to all who takes IT exams. Cheaper exams for all!!!!!

Mike K. - Kansas

Every test I take I order my voucher through this store. Very fast e-mails with my voucher codes and reasonable prices. Thanks very much.

Sheila H. - Texas

Quick and personable. Good follow up.

Jose W. - Massachusetts

Hi I have a pleasant and easy transaction your prices are good and the customer service was great. Thank you!

James M. - Surrey, Canada

ITExamVouchers.com were great. Very efficient, fast and most importantly, affordable. Recommended!

Debra K. - Texas

I bought 2 vouchers from IT Exam Vouchers: Fast experience with excellent customer service. I purchased thru PayPal, received my first voucher within 30 minutes, the second one in about an hour, and that's only because the person who processes them had stepped out to lunch. My voucher was emailed to me, I immediately called my local Prometric testing center and was scheduled. The price was so low, I was originally concerned about their legitimacy. So I called around, then decided to buy one voucher to see what would happen. That went so well I got the other one. I'm very pleased to have found these guys. BTW, I passed the A - woo hoo!

Sandeep V. - California

My experience with IT exam vouchers are excellent. The coupons were delivered promptly. Exam schedule process is really easy.

Hina P. - New Jersey

Great service! Customer service answered all questions!

William R. - California

The price was excellent. The exam was scheduled reliably at the location I chose and at the time I scheduled. I appreciate the excellent service and reliable delivery.

Walter S. - Illinois

It was good to know I could buy a discount voucher, then coordinate a test in short time to it, and receive the information after a very short wait.

Cory F. - California

Great and quick company. Everything went as smooth as possible. THANX.

Stephen C. - Connecticut

Works entirely as expected. I actually had to call cust svc twice to ask about MS 2nd Shot and the voucher expiration date. Both times got a rep within a minute who knew the answer (and who I could understand!). Definitely will be getting future exam vouchers from here.

Percy B. - Florida

Very good people to do business with, recomended.

James B. - California

Very Impressed with the ease of the purchase. And when I had some confusion on how to apply the vouchers, the customer service people were extremely friendly and helpful. Not only would I recommend them to friends, I fully anticipate using them over and over again. Highest recommendation.

Satianarayanam M. - Texas

Great! I was able to save a few bucks. I would definitely use this in the future.

Robert T. - Vancouver, Canada

Fast and easy to buy and schedule test on same day, fast confirmation emails.

Sheila D. - Connecticut

Quick and easy...I have recommended this to other people in my field!

Michael B. - Hawaii

Secure transaction, good service, great followup on scheduling. Best prices around. I'm buying from them the next time I take a test.

Roger W. - Virgina

Very good customer service. I thought I didnt receive the order in my email, but they directed me to my Spam folder.

Jerard R. - Illinois

Excellent and quick service. I have ordered several vouchers from them since a friend referred me. I have never had a problem. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a voucher.

Joe N. - Washington

They are the best online merchant I have ever used. They are fast to deliver and I have ordered both with the online and their 800# and they are great.

Gary G. - California

I purchased a voucher for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam. I have used this merchant many times in the past, for both A+ and all my MOS vouchers, and they have consistently performed well. This time was no exception. They provide immediate email acknowledgment of the order submission. They process the order within 1 or 2 days and I have never had a problem redeeming any of their vouchers. They’ve completely earned my trust and loyalty as a consumer.

Mike N. - Illinois

What can I say, they are great. I plan to use them for all my certifications.

Wilfredo L. - New Jersey

Customer Service was very helpful. The ordering process is simple. I would definitely do business with them again and have done business with them again since this order. A+.

Taylor H. - Maryland

Purchased many vouchers from you before. Love the service!

Afron R. - Georgia

I purchase most of my cert vouchers from ITExamVouchers.com. Easy to purchase and great customer service at the actual testing site. Ever since I started taking cert exams at ITExamVouchers.com, I do not go to any other test center. Very professional, courteous and helpful staff. Thank you.

Kris L. - California

Wow. Thank you.... Now that is great customer satisfaction service. I'm sold.

Ravikanth P. - California

Thank you for the voucher. Your service is excellent!! I've registered for the exam with your voucher. Thank you very much again.

Lisa B. - Texas

On a personal note, I want to thank you for turn-over rate. The company we used before would take 3 to 4 days to respond. Thanks so much!

Anthony S. - Florida

Five-Star Service From ITExamVouchers.com: Best Support, Pricing & Shipping Options for A+ Techs On The Web! I found this company in a multi-engine web search and I have been using ITExamVouchers.com for all my certifications since. Often I will do searches to make sure that I am not missing out on a special elsewhere but the guys at ITExamVouchers.com remain very competitive despite the weakness in the market! These guys will not only give you the cheapest certification deals but they will schedule your exams and rectify any problems along that end for FREE! The only discounts that can beat ITExamVouchers.com are from CompTIA and CompTIA authorized schools through membership and financing options. For this reason I would give ITExamVouchers.com a *****FIVE Star*****.

Robert T. - Vancouver, Canada

Overall, excellent on everything. Fast and easy to buy and schedule test on same day, fast confirmation emails.

Jim B. - California

Wow, thanks for the great service. I just wanted to make sure that I got a voucher number before the weekend started -- and I KNOW you guys have to be swamped with all late-comers (me included) trying to do the A+ test in a few days. Thank you for the super-quick response and also the great service over the phone. There is no question, I will purchase all my vouchers from you. Have a great weekend.

Patrick D. - California

Excellent on customer service, ease of purchase, price, and delivery. Online purchase went smooth.

Leonida N. - Ontario, Canada

Excellent price and ease of purchase. Very Good, and its cheaper compared to other organizations who offered discounts.

Greg R. - Pennsylvania

Excellent on customer service, ease of purchase, price, and delivery.

Jessica T. - Georgia

Thanks for your great customer service.

Dave L. - Georgia

There's a lot of places that don't offer customer service these days, as everyone knows. ITExamVouchers.com made it very easy for me to purchase and schedule my tests. No complications. I was very pleased. Of course, it helps that I passed my test ;)

Anthony S. - Florida

Thank you so much ITExamVouchers.com...you're the best! Well, I think I'll purchase all of my future test vouchers with you. Hope you're still on the competitive edge.

Jeffrey W. - New Jersey

Best price around & no problems what so ever with registration. I've ordered all my vouchers from here.

Gregory P. - Texas

Great company, true value, and timely scheduling of tests. I would definitely use this company again, and highly recommend them to others.

Christina M. - Colorado

Very prompt. Friendly service when I put in the wrong mailing address for my credit card.

Kenneth S. - Connecticut

Once again, they were terrific. Very professional and prompt.

Robert T. - Vancouver, Canada

I accidentally ordered a wrong exam pack and sent an email to cancel order. Very helpful, did not ding me a cancel fee. Will buy from again.

Karthikeyan R. - Washington

Really a good site to buy the Vouchers. They scheduled the exam very quickly.

Christian E. - California

Excellent service by phone. Gave us clarifying info step by step and also referred us to a study site.

Patrick Z. - Florida

While a little leery at first to just give them my money, I found the service was actually extremely efficient. I had my vouchers within ten minutes of placing my order online and saved myself $100 in the process. Couldn't recommend this company any more.

Kenneth S. - Connecticut

A+ Terrific experience. Will be using for future testing vouchers.

Timothy C. - Michigan

Quick Response to email questions, extremely prompt delivery of voucher numbers, and excellent resolution of minor problems.

Michael A. - Texas

I had a great experience. They emailed me within a couple hours and then responded with the voucher number immediately after my response.

Patrick E. - Massachusetts

Next day service, good phone support if any problems-- they get an "excellent" from me.

James S. - California

Thanks again for the quick and courteous service!! That is why I chose your company. Very reliable and fast!!

Robert T. - Vancouver, Canada

Very helpful, fast email response times, keep up the great work guys! Happy New Year!

Korey C. - Washington

I saved money and they even scheduled my test!! Highly Recomended!

John S. - Maryland

Despite some confusion about which vouchers I purchased, when I pointed out that the vouchers could not be used before '03 due to testing centers being closed, my order was adjusted to permit me to use the vouchers in '03. Classy people who did right by me.

Jesus A. P. - Florida

Great, fast and dependable. I had my worries due to the internet, but these guys are professionals in every aspect. They even scheduled my appointment. Luckily, I studied hard and passed my A+ Core test. I will buy here again once I'm ready to test again.

Jesus A. P. - Florida

Second time was (once again) a very pleasant charm! Thanks!

Albert L. - Minnesota

Fast and efficient. Thanks.

James S. - California

I just wanted to say thanks ITExamVouchers.com for the great price and great service. I needed to take an A+ exam ASAP. ITExamVouchers.com had me scheduled for the test sooner than I could have set it up directly through Prometric myself. On top of that the vouchers were the least expensive I found. Thanks again!

Andrew R. - Oregon

Your service has been excellent! I am very happy with the discounts I have received from your company and I will continue to do business with you in the future.

Steve D. - Missouri

I have been pleased with my experience so far. I appreciate the discounted prices that you have. I have informed my cousin of your web site and prices, so I believe that you will receive another customer ... everything has been excellent thus far. The lady that answered my call was courteous and helpful. I will continue my business with ITExamVouchers.com.

Sue W. - South Carolina

Everything was fine. I was a little leery of ordering vouchers from an internet vendor that I was unfamiliar with, so I decided to try it based on the fact that they were listed with Yahoo shopping. I really appreciate the savings too since testing is so expensive.

Michael B. - Hawaii

Excellent service, secure transaction, great follow up on scheduling. Best prices around. I'm buying from ITExamVouchers.com the next time I take a test.

Daniel H. - California

This is best voucher site that I have found. I also like the ease and security of using Yahoo! Thank you.