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Oracle Core Certifications prepare you for a career in any of the following occupations: Application Developers, Database Designers, Database Administrators, Developer, Forms Developer, PL/SQL Developer, and Web Administrator.

Transcender software is so comprehensive that IT professionals who use Transcender to prepare for their certification exams feel confident they will pass their exams on the first try. In fact, Transcender’s dedication to developing the highest quality exam preparation products to help IT professionals prepare for tough certification examinations has resulted in their exam prep solutions being consistently voted as the most in-depth and realistic in the world.

Transcender Practice Test Features:
  • Download codes allow you to download any one Oracle practice exam on up to two separate computers. You choose the exam before downloading.
  • 196 to 346 practice test questions to identify topics you need to study.
  • 180 to 572 flash cards to drill yourself on topics you need to study.
  • Exceptionally realistic simulations of the exam let you know what to expect and when you are ready.
  • Detailed score reports and custom exam features allow you to identify and focus on your weak areas.
  • The number of questions and flash cards vary per exam. Check Transcender's website for detailed information on the practice exam for the exam you're preparing for.

Oracle Exam Voucher Features:
  • Exam specific -
    • Not valid for beta exams.
    • Not international vouchers. Only valid at VUE testing centers in USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • Voucher expirations of up to 1 year.
  • Can by used to take exams at any VUE testing center in the USA, Canada, or Puerto Rico.
  • One voucher must be used each time you attempt to pass an exam.